To setup Mailchimp do the following:

  1. Have a Mailchimp account ready and create a list (make sure not to use a list that requires more mandatory fields)
  2. Go to your Wix website editor and double click our widget to open the app's settings window, click to connect your Mailchimp account, enter your username and password in the newly opened window.
  3. Enter an email for notifications, so you're notified when there are new subscribers or there is a problem.
  4. Select the list you want to use from the dropdown list.
  5. You're done! You can use a different browser window to test the app. Each subscriber will be added to your Mailchimp list and to your Wix account as a "contact".
For a step by step video on how to connect Wix to Mailchimp, click here.

If subscribers are not being sent to your Mailchimp list or you see a "Sending subscribers failed" message, verify that you have connected Mailchimp properly. There are two main reasons that can cause a problem with the connection.

  1. Have you used this email before? If you are testing the connection to Mailchimp with an email you already used, Mailchimp will not accept it even if you already removed it from the list. You must use a different email address every time.
  2. Your list settings has required fields which means Mailchimp doesn't allow us to add new subscribers to your list. To resolve this either create a new list that only requires the email field or edit the current list to no longer require the extra fields. You can do that on the list settings page in the "merge fields" page in your Mailchimp dashboard.
  3. Either your account with Mailchimp is inactive or the mailing list has been deleted. To fix this problem, please go to the app's settings window, click the Disconnect button to disconnect Mailchimp and then click to login with your Mailchimp account again.
Then, please test the form using a real email address and make sure that email address makes it to Mailchimp.

If an error is displayed on your form, please visit this page
If some of your subscribers are not being added to your Mailchimp list but you do get a notification about them, it's possible that you have the double opt-in option enabled. With this option, only once a subscriber confirms his submission he will be added to your Mailchimp list. If you do not have that option enabled in our settings page, read the answer to the previous question.
Welcome emails are possible.

Mailchimp has an amazing amount of features when it comes to email marketing, you can create full automation if you'd like. And they also support what they call "welcome emails" when someone new joins your list (from our widget or any other way) they will receive this pre defined email.

You can read more about it here
Yes it does.
Simply check the "Use double opt-in" option under the Mailchimp list selector and you're good to go.
To upgrade your account and enjoy unlimited subscribers, go to the app's settings page by double clicking the Contact Collection widget. Now look for the purple upgrade button and click it.
Yes we do! If your GA account is connected to your Wix website, you will see a "lead" event every time someone subscribes through Contact Collection.
To show our widget as a pop-up / lightbox, please follow the instructions we made here
Yes we do! For a full tuotrial and demo on how to add GDPR options click here
Yes, you can add multiple Contact Collection forms to your site. Each one can have its own style, design and can be connected to different Mailchimp lists.
Contact Collection is a freemium app, while still on the free package you receive 50 subscribers free, this is a perfect amount to try out the app. This amount lasts most sites about two months. With the premium package you get unlimited subscribers.
Sometimes Mailchimp lists have more required fields, not just an email address. That means Mailchimp is blocking us from adding new subscribers to your list. Please make sure your list only has the email address as a required field or simply create a new list as this is the default settings for new lists on Mailchimp.

Another possible reason, is if you turned on the double opt-in option, remember that users must first confirm that they want to join your mailing list before Mailchimp adds them.

Another possible reason, Mailchimp doesn't order your list by newest subscriber. To see the newest subscribers that joined your list, click the “Date Added” column header of the table to sort it.
Yes! If you wish to have different forms on your site, you can also use different lists and settings in each of them.