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About Contact Collection - Connecting Wix and Mailchimp

Mailchimp Integration

An easy, deep Mailchimp integration for Wix websites is our main goal. We try and support as many Mailchimp features and use-cases as possible, so you can have exactly what you need for your Wix website. We are always working to upgrade our app.

highly customizable form

We provide a fully customizable form and a user friendly interface to help you grow your mailing lists. Our beautiful form allows you to match your website design and increase conversion rates.

easy to use

We keep our app easy to use. You do not need any special skills to use our app, start collecting new leads on your website within minutes. Just add the app to your Wix website, connect to Mailchimp and start growing your mailing list.

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Perfect, even on mobile

As mobile traffic increases each and every year, it is important to make sure your Wix website is optimized for mobile. Contact Collection is completely optimzed, responsive and will look great on your mobile site.

  • Responsive Design
  • Loads Quickly
  • Supported On All Major Browsers
  • Works On Both Android And Iphone

Amazing Features

We always work to improve our app and add more features

Customizable Design

Easily customize your layout, design & more to help grow your mailing lists.

easy to use

Easiest way to connect your Wix site with your Mailchimp account. Click here to see how (less than 3 min)

GDPR Friendly

We support Mailchimp groups, which helps website owners be GDPR compliant. Click here to see how

Custom Fields

Additional field support for open text fields, checkboxes, dates and phone numbers

Email Notifications

Instantly get notified about new subscribers

Language Support

Our customization options allow you to edit all texts in the form.

Multiple forms

Add multiple forms to your site, you can even direct each form to a different Mailchimp audience.

Open as a lightbox

Our form is an on-page form but we do support displaying the form in a lightbox (pop-up) Click here to see how

Customer Examples

Different implementations by Wix website owners.

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